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Originally Posted by Stickchecked View Post
So 3 sets of that would be 10 and a half minutes. Sounds good. Where do you structure this within an longer workout? Towards the beginning after warmup to get the body really working or at the end for the last gasp of energy?

I totally need to incorporate this stuff into my workouts.
Conditioning is always last in the workout. Power/speed first, strength second, conditioning last. Typically the athletes I work with will focus on 1-2 things in a session but these guys are given a personalized program split into three phases over the off-season. Game conditioning is the focus for the final 4-6 weeks in the lead up to the start of a season.

Short answer is don't try and bite off too much in any one workout and split training demands over the week.

As an in-season conditioning workout, these mini MRT/interval ideas are excellent. Perform anywhere from 3-8 repeats. Reserve 8 for when you're preparing for the season and 3-5 as a normal scheme. Work them into a broader training regime. Listen to what your body is saying and don't exhaust yourself too much. It should be challenging and make you sweat, not collapse.

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