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10-22-2013, 05:06 PM
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Game number in a baseball typical series are probably more important than in hockey because of the pitcher rotation.

Maybe you should look at this direction ?

Game 6 as always a team that could loose, so they will often be "all-in" with their pitching staff.

Also maybe look at the number of game 6 vs number of game 7, because all series than went in 7 had a game 6 and not vice versa, I would assume that you have at least twice as many game 6 than game 7 (probably a little little bit more), so you can expect twice as many great game 6 than game 7.

Also, very minor thing, you do not have any round 1 game 7 in baseball, and round 1-2 game 7 can me remembered (Crosby vs Ovy), Yzerman vs the blues, etc...

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