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Originally Posted by Ferros View Post
Why is that funny? They're two different people with different opinions or am I missing something?
I thought it was funny because two hockey fans from the same country, whom both are against a Swedish team in the KHL have the complete opposite view of this matter. One thinks that Swedish teams even with higher budget and better player will be a bottom dweller of the league and make no threat, while the other thinks that one of the top Swedish teams would easily win the GC.

I know it's two different persons.

And when I read your comment it feels like the first thing you felt is that I ridiculed them both. By saying two comments are funny you ridicule someone in Sweden?

And then user Dosing more or less said that we are not allowed to have a different opinions in my country. Which I wholeheartedly took as an insult, and I feel a bit sad now to be honest. Did I really deserve that?

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