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10-22-2013, 09:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Manhattan Blue View Post
Good pick up..I've been writing profiles for a site with a rating system based off of attributes and production. Bennett's held down first so long I forgot about him.

Bennett hands down. He's playing dominant hockey and showing grit rarely found with his skill level.

Dal Colle is the only one standing out now for his unreal hands, laser shot, and consistency early on.

Ritchie's a real wildcard - if he matures he's going to be a Lucic/Bertuzzi. Right now he's erratic and he's the least guaranteed to pan out.

Virtanen had a dry spell but boy this guy is going to be some player. His skating is powered by nitrous oxide I swear. So pretty to watch, effortless top end. Goal scoring instincts and bangs, so no Rico Fata here.

Draisaitl is hit or miss. One game he'll look like Nash the next Jeff Toms. The game slows down when he's got the puck so you dont notice his skating, but away from the puck his acceleration and fluidity of stride lacks. You can see him labor a bit.
Nice assessment, I did notice Draisaitl's skating the few times I keyed in on him and in some highlight videos. It's a bit of an awkward stride, but I have to be careful not to be too critical when it comes to skating. If I don't like a stride a lot of times I don't like a player, it's the first thing I'll notice most of the time. The thing is that it's somewhat of an optical illusion too, he's a pretty big kid and those kinds of players tend to look a little funky at times especially when surrounded by smaller/shiftier players.

It's still early and I haven't seen too much of any of the top 5 to actually make a good judgment on them. Draisaitl is one of those exciting players who you tend to fantasize about because of the combination of skill and size. Unfortunately those are also the ones that tend to disappoint. IE Kreider.

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