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10-22-2013, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by StevensCakeBakerBacker View Post
Grown men that aren't professionals roll over and give up when frustrated. Stop trying to compare a bad boss in a regular Joes life to the personal responsibility required by multimillion dollar professional athletes.

It's "really difficult to work your ass off at something which has repeatedly failed"? FFS, get a grip and understand that these guys aren't paid the money they are to give up when their job gets difficult. I get that they aren't robots, but excusing them for acting like pathetic losers because they didn't like the coaches system? C'mon!

The players, just like during the lockout, share equal responsibility (GASP!) with the coach/GM/Owners.

Schenn missed an open net, Homers fault.
Hartnell falling down on his own and not involved in the play, Homers fault.
Giroux scoreless, Homers fault.
Vorachunk is a fattie, Homers fault.
You need to get a grip and understand that money doesn't cure every human flaw. It's not like the Flyers are the only organization that pays millions to play hockey. They can get paid to play hockey in other places, and thanks to guaranteed contracts they can get paid the same amount. If they're in a frustrating situation most of them don't have to think "This sucks! But this is the only team that will pay me millions so I have to grind it out at 100%!"

I'm not saying they're wussing out or rolling over, you don't get this far by having that sort of character; but in a league as competitive as the NHL if you aren't completely behind what you're doing, that small edge is all your opponents need. Keeping Lavi for too long clearly nuked the team mentally. Hartnell had some damning comments months ago about nobody having any idea what to do, and someone else recently mentioned that they had gotten to the point where they had no faith they could win games if they got behind. There were plenty of fans who recognized Lavi was a major problem...I wasn't one of them, but to those posters' credit they got it right. Yet Homer missed it until it was way too late, and it fits his established pattern of keeping people well beyond their expiration date.

Good job with the strawmen at the end.

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