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10-22-2013, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
The Oilers managed a win against the Habs but they looked very sloppy.
I lost count of how many puck battles they lost and they look confused in their own end more often than not.

The confusion may be as a result of the poor systems play but losing puck battles is a product of will and determination.

Lars Eller was right...the Oilers do look like a Junior team most nights in terms of the lack of structure.

Structure and determination are qualities the Flames have in spades.
They are a much tougher team to play against at this point.

Hopefully that changes...sooner rather than later.
yeah, i kept thinking during the game "eller is right, we DO look like a junior team, especially in our own end"... complete lack of systems play, and its not like this team is full of 19 year olds playing their first games either.... RNH, eberle, hall all have 3+ seasons.... really its only yakupov and j.schultz that have the "i'm young" excuse still.... what is the rest of the teams excuse?

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