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History Of Hockey
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Originally Posted by jigglysquishy View Post
My top four (and I'm sure many others) is identical to yours. I have Esposito at 5 (I can't overlook his statistical dominance and his play in the 72 SS). After that it's really a crapshoot. I have Messier as the last in the bunch as I feel he had the lowest peak out of himself, Mikita, Clarke and Trottier. For all the talk of his longevity, I don't see his peak being high enough to beat those guys out.

That being said, I'm totally willing to change and when I submitted my list I almost had Messier over Trottier.

I find Mikita, Clarke and Nighbor to be hard to rate as so much of their legacy is based on their defensive play. If anyone has a writeup/stats for these guys I'd love to see them.

Edit: For all the talk of Messier carrying his team to the cup in 94: Are we all forgetting just how good Brian Leetch was?
Agreed. Leetch was probably more important then Messier was to that team as was Mike Keenan. Just the year before the NYR won the cup, They finished out of the playoffs with Roger Neilson & Ron Smith. I think that the myth that Messier carried that team is strongly overstated. Also, those Rangers also don't win the cup without Edmonton & Chicago east when guys like Anderson, Lowe, Noonan, Matteau, Larmer, Tikkanen come over right before the deadline. It was Mike Keenan insisting that Neil Smith make those moves that won that cup, alongside Brian Leetch. Messier was 3rd on that team in importance.

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