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Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
And that a line consisting of Hull-Lemieux-Howe would thrash one of Hull-Mikita-Howe?
Sure but that line never existed so we can't judge it just like 1-1 hockey isn't what actually happened either.

It's better to stick to the actual facts and part of Mario's resume is 916 regular season games and that's it.

We should judge him on the strength and weaknesses in that sample of games, plus playoff and international as well and that's pretty much it

There isn't a 917th game with him playing 1-1 on with Mikita or 3-3 with the guys you mentioned.

Two other guys coming up later played on the same team, one guy was injured a lot but was the better player in the games they played in together but the guy with the larger elite sample will get ranked by almost everyone here higher and for good reason, more games at an elite level should count more right?

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