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Originally Posted by Genesis76 View Post
mediocre + mediocre = bad ?

synonyms of mediocre: ordinary, common, commonplace, indifferent, average, middle-of-the-road, middling, medium, moderate, everyday, workaday, tolerable, passable, adequate, fair...

I really wanna know how you came up with "Overall,a bad game" when your assessment was that both Price and the defense were average.

If Overall the game was a bad one then overall both of them or either one them (Price and the defense) played a bad game.

Say things as they are dude, stop trying to soften it up for Carey.
"Stop trying to soften it up for Carey"? Really?

Quit being so immature. Seriously, your entire post was just whining about semantics? Come on. For your information, the word mediocre does not JUST mean moderate as you're trying to claim; it can also mean "low-quality" or "low performance", which is exactly what I was referring to. When you're looking for the description of a word, please do not use synonyms to back up your point.

Not every post in this thread is people lining up to praise Carey Price. It was an overall bad game for the Habs because our team as a whole played poorly at every end of the rink. Certain positions playing poorly is not the same thing as an entire team not working together well.

Price was mediocre (low-quality performance), and the defense was too (low-quality performance, just as a reminder). They weren't particularly bad, but the team as a whole just lost all their chemistry and effort-level, and that is why I think it was an overall bad game. Now quit with the nit-picking.

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