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10-23-2013, 04:48 AM
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Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
I just have a hard time believing another coach could do better with a such roster.. Its so easy to blame a coach or a goaltender when things dont work well.. Coaches have to deal with a ton of factors we dont even know.. And its strange that those points you summarize are the same we hear again and over again no matter who is behind the bench.. thats like a broken record to me.
Why do you think MacLean won the Jack Adams? How was his team better than ours after losing Spezza, Karlsson, Cowen, Michalek..?

Therrien is not getting the best out of our guys. Outside the EGG line and PK-Markov-Price, who else is playing well?? But I'm guessing you think it's all on the players? It's their fault? Well then why is Therrien there?

He's done very little. He had the whole training camp to come up with different line combinations but instead used it to evaluate a bunch of guys that were not going to make our lineup anyways.
He's had a double standard as well, Eller was scratched after one game last year. It's not like Eller deserved it either, the whole team looked like crap, but he was singled out. This year, DD who's been struggling since last year and only has one tiny assist to his name, still gets to play around 15min and PP time.
He still barely uses his Norris winner on the PK. He uses Bouillon as much as him at times. He gives Markov more responsibilities.

Last year, he was lucky to be in a short season. We likely would have had a downward spiral possibly finishing outside the POs. It's the same reason why we seem to be struggling thus far in the later periods. He's bad at in game adjustments. He always was.

You're right, he's not the reason why we struggle sometimes. You can't pin everything on him, you can't pin everything on the GM either, or the goalie, or the defense, or the offense. That's why it's called a team sport, everybody is in it together.
But I disagree that he's getting the best out of our team, I don't agree with his player management nor am I a fan of his tactics.

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