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10-23-2013, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Baby Punisher View Post
What type of questionable record would the Rangers have to have to allow Av to keep his job or loss it?

Keep in mind it's much more than the record. It's the tempo of play & the general mood of the team that should be taken into account as well.

If we are say 6-10-4 would you let AV keep his job? Would you give him those 5-7 extra games?

At what point do you say this isn't working & most likely won't work moving forward & try to salavge the season?
Honestly, I think Glen will AT LEAST give him until the roster is a bit more healthy. Nash is a big question mark, but you know when Hagelin is back... you know when Cally is back.

Look, I'm not saying this team isn't ******. It is. I'm not saying they're putting effort in, we have EVERY right to question that at this point.

What I'm saying is he's going to be given a fair chance, with a roster that inlcudes 5 of his top-6... not 50% which is what he's had to this point.

It's a long season, and if we play as bad as this until Thanksgiving... trend upwards until x-mas and then get HOT after the Olympics... we'd be in the play-offs.

The reason why patience is a virtue is because it isn't easy, and not everyone can have it... especially at times like this.

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