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10-23-2013, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by stan the caddy View Post
Torts ddin't trap at all, he played a really aggressive forecheck. That's where "safe is death" comes from. Even with a lead the Rangers were always forechecking aggressively.

AV likes the trap. He used it with the lead when they beat the Kings.

Torts played the zone collapse. It was simple, don't get beat, stay in your spot, and block the shot. AV plays man down low which is why they're having a lot of breakdowns. It's a little more complicated.

Torts wanted the puck moved quickly through the neutral zone. Dump it in if you have to and you're getting punished if you turn the puck over. The Rangers turned the puck over a lot the first few games but it looks like AV's got them dumping the puck in more over the last couple of games.
Torts did NOT employ a really aggressive forecheck. That would require two guys in and one guy forcing the puck carrier from behind the net.

The Rangers rarely had 2 guys deep and usually had one guy float in the offensive zone and would only pressure the puck after it had been moved. Its why they were beaten cleanly out of the opposing teams defensive zone. 2-3 guys breaking out, 1 guy MAYBE 2 guys forechecking.

If the Rangers aggressively forechecked, they wouldn't have have been so easy to skate through. Opposing teams cut through the Rangers like a hot knife through butter through the Neutral zone.

The Rangers only became a stiff team to score against once the opposing team set up shop in our zone because then we cowered and collapsed and took barrage after barrage of shots being blocked by forwards and or defenceman.

Safe is death? Torts system was as safe as you can get.

Torts offensive scheme was get the puck in to the offensive zone. Get to the blueline, dump it and try to get the puck back by outworking the opponent. We heard it time and again, they wanted to get the puck below the hash marks and behind the goalie and keep it there all night.


A general question not directed at anyone.

Torts system is and was flawed in design. It's a perimeter based system, keep it along the walls and behind the nets. Goals are not scored from those locations.

The problem that we are seeing now is that as a team, we are being exposed as overachievers in the sense that we are small, slow and not talented enough to play a system designed to come up the ice in unison (as most WC teams do).

We have trouble stringing 2-3 passes together which means turnovers and forces the team to dump it at every chance because their is a lack of talent and cohesion.

AV is not the problem. He may not be a great coach, he's probably just as good a bench boss as is Torts, but the players that he has do not have the size, speed or skill needed to be successful playing the style that AV wants to employ.

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