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10-23-2013, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by stan the caddy View Post
They sent two guys in all the time. Did you watch?
I probably watch 80 games a year and all of the Playoffs. That's just Rangers. I probably watch another 30-40 games on NBC and NHL Network and as much PO hockey as possible aside from the Rangers

And one guy in front of the goalie and one guy high near the blueline is not an agressive forecheck.

An agressive forecheck would have one guy force the puck from behind the net (specifically one side) and have another forechecking player put additional pressure near the faceoff circle on the opposite sde of the pressuring forechecking player.

The Rangers RARELY did that because they are a slow team.

If you know you are slow, you dont over commit like that which is why they didn't, slash that, couldn't agressively forecheck in the manner you describe.

And I have to ask you if you watch them play if you really think that this Rangers team forechecked at all with a lead.

They were one of the worst teams to watch with a lead. They turtled and took a pounding game in and game out when they had a lead.

Rare was the occassion where they controlled the pace and tempo of play when they held a lead.

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