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10-23-2013, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by BroadwayBlues View Post
Don't know about the players, but Tortorella's time was up here. Most of these coaches have a 4/5 year shelf life. Only the great ones or the good ones that win championships, last awhile.

The current group who played under Tortorella, is taking clear advantage of an easier boss. imo
Agree with the first part, not the second.
These are professional athletes with a ton of pride. They aren't children. They aren't coasting because they have a softer boss.

They are changing systems and philosophies. They have lost some of their confidence for sure. Loss of confidence = tentative play = a team that looks sluggish/dis-interested.

Let's also not lose signt of the fact that Hank has been lousy so far. That game at the Rock the other night should have been a typical 2-1 grinding boring win that became the trademark of the Torts era. When you build your team around the goalie and the goalie isn't good you are going to lose.

Hank has had these blips before so I have no doubt that he will get straightened out.
It's such a long year.
It seems like some of the same people who in the Summer were saying "lets give it 20 games and see where we are" are now chalking this up as a loss and a bad hire already.
We haven't even played a home game yet..

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