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10-23-2013, 10:08 AM
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I'm glad this thread was made.

I contest that Holmgren has been much better than he gets credit for. You'd think he has wrecked the team during his tenure.

I think we have a great, young roster. It's not performing right now for some reason. Thinking logically, this is a team that we've seen perform before together and it can/will again.

Should he have fired Laviolette earlier? maybe. But now the sticking point for me is that the players aren't playing. They've been incapable of playing what I like to call "Small ball." They're missing passes by a foot, losing the puck without much hassle from forecheckers/D...Just too many mistakes. I have a hard time blaming Holmgren for that. There's the psychological aspect regarding the coach, and that's been corrected now.

A lot of his moves have been pretty good I think. We're in a great position moving forward. I like the players in our prospect pool and on our team.

If he's fired, I won't cry...but I don't think he's driven the franchise into the ground.

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