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10-23-2013, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Placing one guy in front of the goalie is not an aggressive forechecking scheme. Having another "forechecking player" roam above the face off circles is not an agressive forechecking scheme.

What we saw time and again was puck carrier wait for 2 support players, one near the wall, the other in the face off circle. Puck carrier passes to support player 1 near the wall, he gets pressed and passes to support player 2 in the FO dot who then has 2 options, dish to the far side to support player 3 or give back to emerging player that started the breakout.

The problem with this is that forchecker 1 in front of the net needs to press the decisions made by puck holder behind the net. We never did that. We allowed time for support to develope and because of that we were beaten cleanly out of the zone ALL of the time.

An agressive forchecking system requires the guys to force the issue and make the carrier do things they do not want to do. Press the issue and defenceman can and will cough up the puck. We see it happen with our D all the time. That's what agressive forchecking systems do.

We do not do that.
True. Very coach at every level talks about limiting time and space. If you do that, you'll create turnovers. I would say we were average at this during the last couple of years. We had some shifts, periods, games where we were very good and then other times when the opposing team was at the red line before you batted an eye.

This is where we REALLY miss Hagelin. His first two seasons he was able to make any line he played on an effective forechecking line. Although he lacks the touch to ever be a legitimate 1st line player, he is the type of player who is the PERFECT companion for a guy like Stepan who has average at best foot speed.

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