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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
What a hilarious post. Again you try to correct me when you're flat out wrong. You don't even know the definition of the word you're trying to correct me in. Almost every definition of "mediocre" is described as average to below-average.

Sources: (low quality, value, ability, or performance) (Moderate to inferior in quality) (2. not satisfactory; poor; inferior)

So if I think that Price played poorly, but wasn't necessarily bad, I think mediocre, meaning "not satisfactory, poor, or inferior" (as a reminder, because obviously you didn't take the time to research something you don't even understand), then I think mediocre represents his performance perfectly. I mean, the word poor is literally in one of those definitions, and you even used the word "poorly" yourself to describe Price's play.

Mediocre is the perfect word. At least educate yourself before correcting people. It only makes you look worse. And give it up with your obsession with definitions, you were wrong and now it's just embarrassing to watch.
The roots of the adjective mediocre are from the Latin medial, "middle," and ocris, "mountain." If you think about it, the middle of a mountain is neither up nor down and neither here nor there just somewhere in between

And just look at the synonyms as well.

Another thing we have been using mediocre on this thread when implying that the performances were average.... so as usual your the one who's flat out wrong.

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