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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
You're right, sorry. I didn't think you needed to tell me that I was using the second definition because I knew it, and I thought you were trying to correct me. I misinterpreted your post, my apologies!

Would you agree that Price had a mediocre performance?

This is too much. I provide you with three sources explaining to you that the definition doesn't strictly mean average, which you so adamantly believed. One of those sources was Merriam-Webster, an actual dictionary. Then you come back with the notorious and reputable "". This is golden.

We all know the word "mediocre" has evolved to often mean slightly below average. When people describe things in every day situations as "mediocre", they often don't actually mean average. Most people will just say "average" if they think something is average. Mediocre is often used to describe something below average, or something that blurs the line between average and below-average. The word "poor" comes to mind.

I haven't followed the thread too much as of late because everyone was just arguing semantics. I see that you're still fighting that intense war.
Hold on buddy I never said strictly.

I just showed you a couple of sites and a few synonyms that defined mediocre as something average.

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