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10-23-2013, 02:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Genesis76 View Post
alright dude we are both right

I used multiple sources too... its not my fault you choose to ignore them
No, the only source you used was Look back and see for yourself.

I always agreed that mediocre meant average as well, but you went a little far by choosing to criticize the definitions of words in a thread about a goalie, and absolutely denying that it didn't only mean one thing. You were right that it meant average, but also wrong by trying to say that's all it meant.

It's ridiculous that you interpreted my initial post as "softening it up for Carey". It really helps illustrate your mindset and opinions on Price.

Originally Posted by Kirk Muller View Post
Its bad when a Price hater is now whining about a poster using the word "mediocre" to describe Prices performance last night and some how thats sugar coating it or softening it. Thats troll like and why this board has dropped in quality. Most of these posters only post if their is a bad Price goal or game, how is that any different than another fan trolling the board?
I didn't think Genesis76 was a Price hater until he actually interpreted calling Price's play "mediocre" as going easy on Price. I mean, really?

I wouldn't say he is trolling, but I would definitely say he responded in an immature manner.

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