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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
No, and we aren't NHL coaches.

I am not an expert.

But I can fundamentally compare one NHL team to another NHL team, and under Torts we were not heading in the same direction as -- any -- of the better teams in this league.

Fans are shortsighted, which they should be, but a few things gets lost in times like this.

1. We have a roster hand-picked for Torts right now, and players that has been drilled by Torts for the last 3.5 years.

Our blueline really really really struggles to move the puck up ice and out of their own end. And it starts when we go out to pressure D's because you have to think a step ahead in the game nowadays.

Its an extremely hard environment out there to makes moves in. Not much room at all to change the team through trades etc.

2. Facts are that we are without Nash, Callahan, Hagelin and Stepan missed the training camp.

Its quite possible that Torts is a better option than AV in this sitaution, if I wanted to get result with an expansion team Torts is high on my list. But, we in NY intends to be or become a contender with this "generation" and like I said, under Torts we opted to go in a completely diffrent direction compated to the other better teams in this league.

3. Giving up a first goal or two is and has never been a good idea in this league if you want to win a regular season game. What are the odds for the team that scores first to win? 70%?

Hank and or Biron has from time to time thrown pucks into his own net. Its only been 7 games.
I detest your point that this roster was built for Torts. If it was, then why bother having a GM? Let all coaches be GMs.

Sather put this team together. The idea that he did so because of who was coaching is ludicrous. Now, if Sather did do this he is even a bigger idiot than some of us believe.

I am not a fan of any particular coach and Torts behaved like an ass. However, under him, the team came to play and he installed a system that fit his personnel. That is the single most important talent a coach must possess.

Torts has won a Cup so he is not incompetent.

AV has inherited crappy offensive personnel. If he doesn't adjust his system to fit his personnel, he is toast. He is not a fool, so I imagine he will figure out that defensive play is the way to go until the personnel changes, if it does.

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