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10-23-2013, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
I was behind the tortorella firing because of his stubbornness and unwillingness to adapt.

I loved his accountability but realized he was very overbearing.

There are no strong leaders on this team. Callahan is too meek. This doesn't look like a room that can self govern and this is why AV might be a disaster here. That and the fact that we stink.
So many people not willing to accept the fact that this team doesn't have enough talent.

Torts far and away got the most out of this team and it was stupid to fire him. Unfortunately Sather bought into what a bunch of people on this board also thought. IT was really comical to see some of the thoughts expressed by so many people here. And the thoughts still expressed.

Torts is going to win games wherever he goes... He did in Tampa, he did with the Rangers, and he will with Vancouver. He reached the pinnacle with Tampa, he clearly got the absolute most out of the Rangers, and time will only tell how far he gets with Vancouver. Whether he wins the cup is just based on whether he has good enough players. THat is the entire aspect to look at when trying to find a coach. 1. Get a guy who's capable of winning the championship and then work on getting the players to make it happen. It's that way in all sports. Torts got guys to play over their heads, so he's clearly not even an average coach, he's well above average.

Just a shame that Sather and some dopes around here were so incorrectly convinced that Torts was a problem. And this year and the next will clearly prove that out.

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