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10-23-2013, 04:02 PM
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The biggest issue is that somewhere along the line there was an assumption made by the front office that this team had untapped scoring potential amongst some of it's players. So it went ahead and added (or retained) pieces over the summer like Pouliot and Zuccarello with the thought that these guys would somehow develop into solid secondary or tertiary scoring when given a longer leash. It's these kind of decisions, decisions that happen every summer with this team, that keep setting us back. The team chases names, rebound potential and reclamation projects, and has-beens all with seemingly no thought given to a) how they'll fit into the team dynamic, and b) how the coach is going to actually use them. What we're left with is a hodge-podge of players who seemingly create more holes in the lineup than they fill.

The team wasn't built for Torts. He molded it into that after he saw what he was given. What happened last year was the front office decided to add more offense at the expense of versatility and chemistry, and it blew up in their faces. Clearly they had a poor read on Nash given the fact that he's seemingly loathe to play the LW, which then pushed our leading goal scorer out of position and threw the whole lineup out of whack. To top it off, Tortorella managed to mishandle Gaborik and the team regressed.

However, it's those kinds of decisions that really exemplify Sather's incompetence as a GM. The misreads by the pro-scouting during his tenure have been absolutely abysmal. The constant shuffling of players in and out every summer with no real logic behind the moves. The terrible contracts. The short-sighted trades. This year he threw more **** at the wall and while the team is in shambles right now, he's probably thinking about how he's going to spend Richards' buyout money on the Sedin twins in July.

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