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10-23-2013, 04:06 PM
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Dan G still probably has an issue with the system anyway. He prob does miss Torts. Heck, hes a stay at home defender and we all miss our defense. It use to be among the best. Now its THE WORST.

I believe many Rangers didnt have an issue with Torts. Asham, Richards are the only guys who had anything negative to say.

I think Torts was fired because
1) Management thought he was out of control, to strict and too narrow minded
2) Ownership was fed up with his bad publicity and his actions toward him at the Winter Classic.

Team was playing bad all year. Players were upset. But Asham and Richards are the only ones who were sorta mad, I believe many guys just didnt have enough good things to sya about the guy to have him stay after a brutal season and last series.
Most guys were probably like ehhh

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