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10-23-2013, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Gr8northscout View Post
there aren't any no go destinationsyou draft according to your needs the best player available. if he refuses to report, you offer him as trade bait to better your team.
the soo greyhound drafted Lindros despite him anouncing before the draft that he wouldn't report. they traded him and went on to win the league 3 years in a row and a memorial cup.
This is inaccurate. Every team, when they call a player before the draft asks the following question.....If we draft you, will you report. If the player says no, and they really want them, a sales job begins. In the end, no team will draft a player that says no, unless they are a true talent like Lindros or Gretzky. Do you really believe no one wanted Domi before he was taken by Kingston who had a precooked deal with the Knights? Even if I accept your argument that players will still be selected after declining, I will only agree if they are first rounders, A bad rep hurts you with the second and third round picks. It's very easy to play the NCAA card in the second round and quite frankly a team cannot risk losing second rounders. I stand by my original post...this is not a good situation for the Sting and they need to rectify it ASAP. Moving them quickly will show that it is a destination where icetime must be earned and if it is not working out, then they will help a kid further his career by moving him. How could anyone complain about that? To drag your heels to punish a kid or agent is shortsighted.

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