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Originally Posted by Sethis View Post
Regarding Mr. Kane out in Winnipeg - I would kill to have him on our team. He's like Guerin 2.0, only with more natural talent. I would HAPPILY send Yak packing for him. Doubt Chevy would be so keen on the deal though.

I've been watching the Jets' struggles with a great deal of interest. IMO, Kane and Bogo would solve our teams problems in a massive, earth-shattering way and Huddy is the only member of the old boys' club that I would be doing heel-clickers to see come back.
I wouldn't trade Yak for Kane. That's just me. If R says Hall has third line skills then he'll blow a gasket watching Kane. His puck skills are poor and he can't make a pass to save his life. That's based on many live game samples. Love his shot but I am just not a fan. He is fast, hits and gives a good effort but I don't think his upside is even close to Yaks. Don't get me wrong, not saying he is ineffective but in live viewings he is just not that impresssive.

Bogo has been less than impressive this year on his off side. He's not a #1 and even the media here in WPG say that.

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