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10-23-2013, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by dustrock View Post
Sorry my kinda snarky response was more that the Oilers have assembled some high-end talent over the last 3 years and been crushed. There are many reasons for that.
Is the fact they have too much high end talent one of them? No.

But I also think that probably every Stanley Cup championship team in living memory has had a pretty balanced roster.
"Balance" is a load of crap. The best teams are the ones with the best players. That's it.

I'm pretty positive our roster is not a SC winning one
Right now? Probably not. Imagine how much further away we'd be without any high end talent. Oh wait: you don't have to imagine it. That's been the reality for this franchise for most of the last 20-odd years. And now that we have an embarrassment of riches, people want to chuck some of it overboard to fit some abstract notion of what a team should look like? It's embarrassing.

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