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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Joe Malone's 1917-18 is one of the most overrated season of all-time.

He scored 44 goals in 20 games. 2nd place Cy Denneny scored 36 goals in 20 games. Malone beat 2nd place by 22%

Look at Alex Ovechkin's 2007-08. He scored 65 goals. 2nd place Kovalchuk scored 52 goals. Ovechkin beat 2nd place by 25%.

And that's before you consider that in 1917-18, a lot of the talent pool (half?) was playing out west in the PCHA, not the NHL.

Players had such high goal per game totals in 1917-18 largely because starters played the full 60 minutes.

Don't get me wrong, Malone's 1917-18 was an all-time great goal scoring season, but there have been multiple seasons that were better (including Ovechkin's 2007-08 most recently).
Over half a million Canadians of military age were also sitting in trenches over in Europe.

Is there any evidence this had any impact on the hockey leagues of the day? I've always seen reference to WWII, but never WWI.

Edit: That's less than 10% of the population...not sure what percentage of the age demographic is involved. WWII was also less than 10%, but my lazy mental math indicates it was probably closer.

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