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10-24-2013, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Matt19Oilers View Post
I like Simmonds' game a lot, but I am a little puzzled by one thing here:

On this team, the forward mix isn't perfect by any means, but it sure isn't the biggest problem with the team. Why do all these trade proposals involve forward for forward trades, yet barely ever involve getting a D-man? I think it's pretty obvious that we need top 4 quality d-men more than we need to change the forward mix. I thought that was the feeling here anyway...
To me messing with the D mix is a bit tricky. I think most of us will agree our consensus top 4 is:

Ference- J. Schultz

some may argue the Belov is knocking on the door but this should be who pretty much everyone considers the top 4. So Smid is recently re-signed it's a little off putting to trade a guy that you just extended, though honestly I would still think about doing it. Then you have Petry who I would really like to keep and feel that he is generally undervalued around the league and deserves a top 4 role. Ference is the captain and recently re-signed I'm sure he was told he would be playing top 4 minutes if he signed here and it's way too early to go back on that, I also think he has fit pretty well into a top 4 role on this team. Next you have J. Schultz who I think is most deserving of being demoted to the 3rd pairing given his generally poor defensive zone play, but again this is a player who's got really high offensive potential and needs the playing time to really blossom going forward; he also chose us over multiple other suitors so you really have to give him every opportunity to succeed.

Then we have two (some may say 3) really solid left side defense prospects who you have to factor into the equation if you are getting someone long term and then the previously mentioned Belov who I think most on here would really like to retain. Getting a true stud d-man is a hard thing to do, I don't see any on the market at this point, and I don't think any will be available until some teams are ready to throw the towel in on the season.

I'd say the only high-ish end D I could see being available would be either Bogosian or Byfuglien due to Trouba's strong play and Girardi out of New York (maybe Marc Staal, but he's scary to trade for given the Staal reunion factor). It's still too early to see any of those names to really be out in earnest on the market and teams would likely only be taking feelers at most until the season is a bit further along.

Personally I think I'm more interested in messing with the forward mix, I don't think it would take much more on that front to make us a real pain in the butt to handle in the oppositions end of the ice. While we might have trouble getting out of our own zone and defending properly we could give other teams fits as well in their own zone despite them having a stronger d group with just a few small tweaks. Whereas our defense needs overhaul and improvement to really become a strong defensive group barring acquiring one of the top 10 d-men in the league, who could really help shelter one of our d-men.

Of the D I think could be available, I want to say Girardi would be the best bet cause we need some more veterans and stabilizing defensive presence. I would actually prefer Bogosian he's a better puck rusher and could better help us play the style of play we want to bring and could help us further skew our strengths.

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