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Originally Posted by Gustafsson View Post
Holmgren has made some good trades and some bad ones. All GMs do that. The problems I have with Holmgren, and why I feel he needs to be replaced are....

a) He built a team that was not well suited to play the style of hockey Laviolette was playing. So either he needed to acquire different types of players or hire a coach that was willing to coach a system that best fit his players. One or the other. The fact that Holmgren didn't feel he needed a match in system and personnel is rather alarming.

b) He continually overpays for players. An example is giving Bryz that insane contract when there was no real competition for his services. Also signing Timonen to a high-priced deal when his best years are clearly gone and the deal he gave Streit.
Not sure that one is fair. Bryz was overpaid, Streit looks so but that's about it. People criticised the Timonen, Briere, Hartnell deals but they worked out pretty well in the end. That's the thing about Holmgren, he frequently makes deals that look stupid to begin with but end up looking just fine.

c) Mishandling the Shea Weber situation. He had a legitimate chance to land a cornerstone defenseman but instead of signing him to a sheet then offering Nashville a viable trade package (Schenn, Coburn, Couturier) he tries to steal him for nothing but picks. Then he was surprised when "Nashville matched" because the information he had said they couldn't match. 90% of hockey fans (and all respected media) knew the Preds were going to match and not let Shea go for picks alone.
Who's to say they'd have accepted that? Who's to say we didn't do exactly that? You're criticising Holmgren here for not getting bent over a barrel for a RFA.

d) Overvaluing his players. Willing GMs do not expect rookies and 2nd year (or young) players to take on leadership/impact roles with their teams. Doing this only sets up players for failure and damages their progress in the process. Holmgren is horrific at identifying when players are ready for certain roles.
Such as when he gave Giroux the central role in the 92 point season?

e) Mishandling and total disregard for the value of draft picks. Giving up a 1st for Eminger and slop was inexcusable. Giving up 1st rounders to negotiate with UFAs is not much better. Giving up a 2nd for Biron when he could have signed him for nothing a few much later was a complete waste. Drafting Peter Luukko's son, regardless of round, was a joke.
Only the Eminger deal is worth *****ing about there. The rest is insignificant. Hell, for 'using the 1st rounders' argument it got us Timonen and Hartnell for a late first rounder. Solid, solid deal.

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