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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
When you think of Baseball from a historical perspective and tie in all-time great games so many of their greatest moments happened in Game 6, rather than Game 7. Even at times when a series went to Game 7 the crowning moment often came in Game 6.

I'll give some examples:
1986 Mets/Red Sox, 1975 Reds/Red Sox, 1977 Dodgers/Yankees, 1993 Phillies/Jays, 2011 Rangers/Cardinals, 1985 Cardinals/Royals, 1991 Twins/Braves, 2002 Angels/Giants, etc.

Some of those series went the full distance, but Game 7 is remembered the most.

Hockey is completely the opposite. Quite often Game 6 is forgotten and placed well behind Game 7. The greatest hockey moments happened in Game 7 while in Baseball it is Game 6. Not to say the opposite can't happen. In Baseball you have Game 7 heroics with Bill Maseroski in 1960, Aaron Boone in 2003, etc. But there are far more memorable Game 6 moments.

Hockey is littered with Game 7 moments and there are several times when people forget other parts of the series other than that one game. Without looking, who won Games 1-6 in order in the Vancouver/Calgary series of 1989? Just saying.

Anyway, anyone willing to give it a crack as to why this is? Perhaps it is just a mere coincidence? When I come up with a good theory, I'll post it.
Sounds like you are cherry picking to prove a point. Look at 2001 game 7, probably most famous world series game ever? The 2002 Angels emotional comeback in game 7 against Barry Bonds, or 2011 the Cardinals?

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