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Originally Posted by KingKopitar11 View Post
Are you serious? Carter is one of my favorite kings on this team. It's not blind love. I think you take his game for granted. Being a sniper is no walk in the park. Finding the open seams on the ice, his vision for the game is very great. He has the best shot on the kings.

He gives Richards an easier time passing to him because Carter knows the game so well. Carter>Richards. Carter plays an impressive defensive game, he's fast, always in top shape, he knows how to score. It's not blind love, I respect him as a player a lot. His game is tuned perfectly. Playmakers are good, but having a smart sniper who pots in almost every shot sure makes their lives much more easily.

For me being a playmaker is more easier than being a sniper.

Carter is more important to me than Richards. Carter can do everything Richards can, and better. Richards is just more of a locker-room dude, and that's respectable.
No Center over the last 5 playoff years has scored more(playoff points) than Mike Richards.

No NHL player has won (every championships on every level) Like Mike Richards has...

He is not some Locker room dude.

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