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Originally Posted by KingKopitar11 View Post
Haha, so Teemu Selanne has more points than Kopitar, does that make him better right now? Richards WAS the better player. Now Carter is the better player. Thats why using Career Stats is a terrible way to analyze the present. But I will use that flawed reasoning right now,

Look at that decline, Look at that massive decline in his points leaving Philly.
Would you look at that, Carter had 33 points last season, and richards had 32.

Carter was on pace last season for a record goal total. Which is an improvement.

While Richards point production is dropping off.

So Im going to tell you again in case you didn't get it the first time. Carter is better NOW than Richards. Richards WAS better before.

Carter's game is improving, Richards, not so much.

Carter has developed better defense and plays a very well rounded game, and he has great offensive skills.

Don't let former glory skew your perception on the present.
So Richards accumulated points at about the same pace Carter does(last two years) , but that makes Carter WAYYYYYY Better...

Shouldn't that say something about Richards, that he is able to keep pace with Carter after his MASSIIVVEEEEEE Decline in skill ?

Haha your a complete tool sometimes man.

Richards was also a Better Center than Kopitar last playoffs, so since that was more recent, does that make Richards better than Kopitar ?

Richards has played better than Kopitar in some of these recent games too.

Since career stats don't mean anything , you know.

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