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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
Seth Jones is playing like a #1, #2 overall pick right now for sure. However I don't think anyone else regrets anything seeing as 1, 2, and 3 are all playing like a #1, #2 overall pick as well. So far I would say those were all solid draft picks.

It's way too early to know who will go where. Very highly touted draft eligible kids have fallen significantly before a draft day before.
I think the point though is, no disrespect to Mackinnon or Barkov, that just because he went 4th doesn't mean thats where he should have went. Tampa should have absolutely picked him 3rd at least, especially since Drouin isn't even playing in the NHL right now. Panthers should have taken him as well. Time will tell but at present, he is styling all over people and I think in very short time, the two teams that could have taken him 2nd or 3rd are going to look back and kick themselves for not doing so. He was BPA AND filled a need for each of those teams.

There is no way Ekblad falls passed 2nd though.

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