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10-24-2013, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
Don't really blame Scott for the hit. That's his job. Stop admiring your pass, Eriksson.

Of course it was a headshot, of course it should have been a major. Of course Scott should be suspended. The thing is, this is still, and will continue to be, the fault of the NHL.

You want **** like this out of the game for good? Then start sending actual messages.

For all his "goonish" ways, as Mike Milbury would put it, John Scott has never been suspended... or even fined!

Comparable to other incidents around the league, if Shanahan throws the book at him and gives him 5+ games, then based on precedent set by the league, it's a bull**** suspension. Nothing would surprise me less than the NHL being the inconsistent/incompetent machine it has become.

My $0.02
Consistency is fine when the punishment starts fitting the crime. Right now guys get what equates to a timeout and a rather insignificant loss of pay. Is this Kindergarten? "Go sit in the corner ya big bully!"

They need to start handing out real consequences rather than disingenuously patronizing the fan base with slaps on the wrist. Teams don't miss these clowns usually and the players getting hurt are missed sorely.

1. Targetting the head or a dangerous boarding should result in an immediate game misconduct.

2. If the victim is injured and forced to leave the game, or any number of games, a suspension should be assessed equal to the games lost by the victim NOT including the game misconduct.

3. The offended team recieves a 5 on 3 powerplay for 2:30 and a 5 on 4 for the remaining 2:30. Unlimited scoring.

4. After the first offense leading to a suspension by a team they start losing draft positions. The second offense results in the loss of 5 draft positions in the first round the team has a pick available that draft year, and 5 more for every subsequent offense by that team until they reach the final draft position in that round or a 5th offense. After a 5th offense in a single season the highest draft pick available is forfeit that year.

5. The team matches the salary forfeit by the offending player during the length of the suspension and said money is put in to the same player's assistance fund as the forfeited salary.

Those sound like real consequences that might make not only a player think twice, but a franchise think twice about icing that kind of player.

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