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10-24-2013, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Pajicz View Post
I really disagree with this. The Stanley Cup winner is usually the team that has the best 3rd and 4th lines... Not necessarily the best first line.

Unbalanced roster can get you wins in regular season, but depth is the key in playoffs.
this is 100% true, for the 3rd line anyhow (i don't think 4th lines matter at all actually)... but it makes a certain assumption, that being: any team that has any hope of making it to the final 4 teams must have a very good top line.... put another way, a very good 1st line is necessary, but not sufficient, to being a very good NHL team .... this necessary, but not sufficient, attribute is also somewhat true of 2nd lines in the playoffs as well IMO, although the rule isn't as stringent as with 1st lines

that 3rd line dominance in the playoffs is then what often separates good teams from great teams, again assuming they all have top-lines that are playing well

so how does this play into the yakupov trade scenarios? by keeping yakupov the oilers are very likely guaranteeing that they will have this necessary condition for their top 2 lines.... hall/RNH/eberle, perron/gagner/yakupov is pretty much as good as any teams top-6 in the entire league IMO... or at least it will be next year and the years after.... 3rd liners are a lot easier to find, and can be had on the open market, you don't trade a player that makes your top-6 great to make your 2rd line great.... its simply doesn't make any sense

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