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10-24-2013, 10:34 AM
Where's the Hart?
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Originally Posted by Moose Coleman View Post
Except that's not what people talk about when they talk about balance. It's shorthand for size and grit hereabouts, which is not necessarily the same thing as defensive ability.
Would you not agree that Couturier, and Schenn are well known for their defensive play and would most likely improve our pitiful PK?

Goals correlate strongly with wins. It's pretty simple. A team with 3-4-5 30 goal scorers would have to be pretty amazingly porous to not make the playoffs.

BTW, the Oilers were pretty pedestrian offensively last year, barely middle of the pack in GF IIRC.

The Oilers didnt have a lot of GF due to having no offensive defencemen. If they had a guy like Yandal they would have scored a ton more but unfortunately we just didnt get enough offence from the back end.(Direct correlation between good teams and bad is amount of points there d men get) With this deal your getting back a guy who has already scored 28 once and was on pace last year to score over 25+ goals. I think Simmonds easily replaces what we lost by moving Yakupov right now.

You know a good way to prevent goals? By having guys who can carry the play offensively.

Thats great if you have guys that can play like that every night but unfortunately in this league you have teams that will trap and force you to give up the puck and make mistakes. Try to play an uptempo game against the Blues or Kings(Two teams we need to beat to win a cup) and they'll just wait for you to make a bad turnover and capitalize on their chances. Offence can be shut down easily if you have a good defensive team that can win battles along the boards. What we need is good two way players who can shut you down but then capitalize on chances when they happen. I think Schenn and Simmonds both fit this mold.
Another thing not being talked about with the deal is the upgrade from Smid to Coburn which would be huge. Coburn can actually pass out of his zone which makes a big difference in the transition game.

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