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10-24-2013, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by A Classy Banana View Post
Forgetting the massive onesidedness of your deals, the Oilers don't have a 2nd round draft pick in 2014. They traded it to St. Louis.
Yes yes my mistake, and HOLY **** people, geez. You're treating this as if I'm suggesting Omark for Ovechkin or Pitlick for Vanek.

Give your heads a shake.

The Caps:
Holtby is the starter making less then the back up Neuvirth, they save money and get the same thing, a guy who occasionally plays, save to the tune of $1.5M

Erat $4.5M cap hit, 9gp, 3a, even and playing 10:53 per night. Having a bit of trouble finding icetime.

Add to the fact they lack depth on the back end of their blueline, it kinda makes sense they can same ****ing cap space and fill a bit of a need.

The Sabres:
Are going No Where, and Erhoff is locked up long term, so unless he wants the joy of sitting through the junk there, he might welcome Edmonton who will treat him as a team leader and are further along as a team.

Marincin is a very good NHL prospect. It's hardly like the Oilers are offering Alex Plante here. Jones is a salary cap victim, but Sabres get a depth upgrade and a guy they might beable to move later anyways.

So I'll re-do them slightly, Geez you people.

To WSH: Smid, Potter, Labarbra and 2014 3rd

To EDM: Erat and Neuvirth

(Washington gets a slightly lesser pick, but a better veteran defenseman)

To BUF: Marincin, Jones and 2014 1st

To EDM: Erhoff

(Buffalo gets a much better pick, but eats Jones as part of that)

Again, I'm not saying these are done deals, but for **** sakes, if you think I'm proposing deals where the Oilers are "Stealing" give your head a ****ing shake.

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