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10-24-2013, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by 1865 View Post
Bit harsh. The Bryz overreaction would have happened regardless of whether we'd signed Leighton or not. Go back to the Leighton FA period, who else was available? Everything else was a by-product of us failing to find a #1 goalie for ages, not specifically the Leighton signing.
Turco and Roloson. off the top of my head. Either one would have been superior to Leighton; neither one was hiding an injury from the team. Roloson went on to have a very good playoffs in TB. Sign one of those guys an Bob gets an opportunity to grow into the American game in the AHL instead of being chucked straight into the fire as starting G.

What caused the kneejerk Bryz signing? The playoff meltdown. What caused the Playoff meltdown? Bob being worked to death in the NHL in an extreme situation. What put Bob in that situation? Signing MFL without making the tiniest attempt to explore better options in FA.

Hilariously, once he recovered they tried to bring him up and start him. I don't understand why nobody paid for their hockey knowledge couldn't watch the guy and realize he blew.

I'd just like to hear about these other superior options that would have performed so well that they wouldn't have necessitated the Bryz signing.
Well, Roloson. Anybody who would have given Bob time to adjust instead of being hurled into the fire would have been better. Then we don't have to sign Bryz because we have a fantastic G prospect to call up. And yes, it WAS obvious from the start that Bob was a fantastic prospect.

Bob showed nothing to suggest he'd become a Vezina winner here had he stayed.
He showed the raw talent to do it and coachability. He should have been our long-term solution, but his handling was monumentally botched.

Furthermore, i'm not getting ludicrously carried away by Bob anyway, he only performed for two months to earn that Vezina. That's not an awful lot shorter a time period than Mason has been superb here.
Mason has been here for what, 14 regular season games?

Bob was good here for two seasons and showed amazing potential. He's putting up .921 again. His good play is spanning the offseason, which is a good sign. You look like you're trying to downplay him just to keep Holmgren from looking as bad as he deserves for that entire mess. Everyone blames Snider for Bryz, but Homer created the circumstances that led to Snider making his decree.

Originally Posted by 1865 View Post
Not many teams can make their core younger and remain as competitive. We've managed to restock the cupboard in a year and whilst this current season is a disgrace by anyone's standards, we're not going to spend long in the basement.
The cupboard had to be restocked because Homer traded all the worthwhile picks and prospects away, and put us in the inevitable (and predicted) position where there were too many gaps on the roster to fill, nobody to call up, and not enough cap space to sign them all.

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