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10-24-2013, 12:42 PM
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My opinion for few not yet mentioned.

Romania: Doru Tureanu. Best of the Romanian golden generation. Made impression to Tikhonov. "Tureanu could play in any professional team in the world" or something like that. Romanian national team played in several tournaments in Soviet Union in 70īs so Tikhonov might have seen him more than once or twice.

Hungary: Sandor Miklos. One of the best players in Europe in 30īs. HM to Istvan Hircsak who was maybe the best goalie in Europe in 30īs before Bohumil Modry. (yeah I know many donīt like the choice of Europeans from that far from history)

Italy: Lucio Topatigh. There are some names from the past who could compete and many Italian Canadians but Topatigh was Italian born and trained. Respected player in WHCs of 90īs.

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