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Originally Posted by fauxflex View Post
I think all that nullifying Malkin talk is a bit overstated. Let's look at Malkin's production vs. the Flyers with and without Coots on the Flyers:

This season: 1 GP 1 pt

Last Season: 3GP 2 pts

11-12 (Couturier's 1st season):
Reg Season: 6GP 6 Pts
Playoffs: 6GP 8 pts

Coots era: 16GP 17 pts = 1.1 pts per game


10-11 (Before Coots):
Reg Season: 4GP 2 pts
Playoffs 4GP 4 pts

Reg Season: 5GP 8 pts
(no playoff meeting)

Reg Season: 6GP 7 pts
Playoffs: 6GP 9pts

Pre-Coots Era: 25 GP 30 pts = 1.2 pts per game


So, net net, the difference in Malkin's production against the Flyers has been "nullified" by Couturier's presence to the tune of one tenth of a point per game! Give the kid the damn Selke!
2011-2012 (6 regular season, 6 postseason)

Malkin had 3G, 3A when Couturier was off the ice. He had 3 assists when Couturier was on the ice.

In the playoffs, he had 2 goals, 3 assists when Couturier was off the ice and 1 goal, 2 assists with Couturier on the ice.

2013 (4 regular season)

1 assist without Couturier, 1 goal, 1 assist with.

This year, Malkin got a goal and an assist, and Couturier wasn't on the ice.

Without Couturier:
17 GP, 6G, 8A

With Couturier:
17 GP, 2 G, 6A -- (2G, 2A on PP)

So in 17 games over the last 2+ seasons, Malkin has 4 EV assists going head to head against Couturier.

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