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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
first, not even sure if he had the surgery at Vandy or not... second, you wouldnt get a wound infection from non-sterile instruments 4 months down the road.

one thing I have learned in 18 + years of practice is that weird **** happens, sometimes for no good reason... so lets put down the pitchforks and wait for additional information
It was at Vandy. No offense to them, but if I was worth as much money as Pekka is, I would be getting operated on by the very best. Vandy is good, but they're not the best.

I wonder if they haven't been messing around in his hip much more recently than May, and we just don't know about it.

Or maybe he really does have a septic joint from another cause. Then we are ****ed.

ETA: Listening to Poile's audio makes me really concerned. Pekka had a fever and was walking with a limp, and this "spontaneous bacterial infection" was diagnosed via MRI. That means it's definitely in his actual hip joint. They already took him to the OR to do a washout (go into the hip and try to get rid of all the infection they can see). This is bad.

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