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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
Comedy is so subjective, 10 different people will have 10 different opinions. Dodgeball is my daughters favourite, she watches it whenever she's home sick and needs a laugh. So it's become a favourite of mine just watching it with her.

In keeping with the recent Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais theme, one of my favourites is The Invention of Lying. So funny.

Another favourite , Wedding Crashers. Funny thing about this is that some funny scenes seemed deleted in the DVD version.
As long as we're on the topic, funniest movies by that "crew", in my order of preference: Old School, Night at the Roxbury, Anchorman, Zoolander, Talladega Nights, Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball, Sarsky&H.

Hated: Step Brothers, Land of The Lost, Blades of Glory.

Didn't care for: Semi-pro, Superstar, Fockers.

Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Anyone watch American Horror Story? I thought the first season was awful. Second season pretty good. Third season is starting off a bit rocky, imo.
I fell in love with the production value of American Horror Story in its first season, not so much the story or the actors of the show. Also it was kinda "wild" for TV at first, I think that they set a new standard in their genre.

Second season was marvelous. They pushed the barrier even further in terms of shock value and every story-line was captivating. And I don't know how they managed to make it come together like they did instead of it being a jumbled mess of over-the-top unbelievable crap and unnecessary gore, instead it was a work of art, pure and simple.

This season, I don't know. Jury is still out but I don't like the girl's "power"... I hoe they didn't peak too early.

Originally Posted by Avengers View Post
They love you so much that the 7th movie is filming right now and comes out next summer
Need for Speed movie gonna put them out of business Aaron Paul ftw.

Originally Posted by Avengers View Post
anyone watching walking dead season 4?

looks good so far. mixed drama with some cool zombie action. a lot better than the awful world war z.
I love their approach to season 4. The show needed this kind of "tension", it's what the comics were all about and the series lost it with the Governor arc which was poorly executed. Was supposed to be the high point of the show and series, and it didn't feel like it at all.

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