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Originally Posted by Mats86 View Post
Sounds like you are cherry picking to prove a point. Look at 2001 game 7, probably most famous world series game ever? The 2002 Angels emotional comeback in game 7 against Barry Bonds, or 2011 the Cardinals?
The Cardinals/Rangers in 2011 had that classic see saw battle in Game 6 where the Cards were one strike away from being eliminated - twice. Nelson Cruz coming inches away from catching that difficult fly ball that would have been the final out and had Texas win the World Series. Then Game 7 nothing special. Angels/Giants Game 6 - not 7 - was the come from behind win. Game 7 was nothing special.

Look, it is obvious that Game 6 is played at least twice as much as Game 7 in any sport. There is no doubt some classic moments in both sports in both games. But I took all of that into context when coming up with this thread. The difference for me is the seemingly lopsided aura of Game 6 in Baseball as opposed to hockey. Game 6 in other words seems to have an aura in Baseball reserved for Game 7 in hockey.

The best point I believe I saw was the fact that there is a team facing elimination and will sometimes use their best pitcher even out of rotation in order to force a Game 7. That can lead to a classic game for sure.

But what I notice about Baseball is how often Game 7 is forgotten after a classic Game 6. How many classic moments in hockey happened in Game 6 and overshadowed Game 7? Not many. But in Baseball this isn't the case. More often than normal you see the flagship moment of the series in Game 6. Observe:

Steve Bartman in 2003. Carlton Fisk in 1975. Don Denkinger's horrible call in 1985. Bill Buckner in 1986. Dave Henderson in 1986 (although that was Game 5). Kirby Puckett in 1991 (although it is true Morris' Game 7 was memorable, but perhaps overshadowed). Angels comeback in 2002. Curt Shillings bloody sock in 2004.

All of those moments happened in Game 6, and all of them featured a Game 7 that most of us couldn't even describe. I mean, the Red Sox lost in 1975! But on any top 10 list of Baseball's greatest moment you'll see Fisk's homerun.

Anyway, nothing earth shattering, just an observation that is worth a debate, I felt.

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