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12-10-2006, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by sc37 View Post
Yeah but you arn't the only one who does that so it all adds up...I've seen people selling their receipts on eBay so someone can get a cheap replacement. But still, it's fraud. Plus, how many of these sticks actually break due to manufacturer's defect? Cause that's the only reason that the warranty states a stick will be replaced.

Not quite getting your assesment since your talking bout replacing the blade? And Synth = Syngergy only it's not fused together.

Sorry. Just some clarification: I replaced my broken Synergy blade by cutting it off, then flipping around the shaft and adding a brand new blade to the butt-end of the shaft. My next stick was a Synthesis shaft, as I didn't want to be another one-piece. IMO, the quality on the Synthesis shaft & blade were worse than my original/now modified Synergy.

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