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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Player coaching? That's rich.

He was a great player. Great players do not think the game. Things come naturally to great players which is why they rarely make for good HC's.

They know where to be and what to do in most any situation. That knowledge is innate and very difficult to explain and or instruct others to comprehend.

These guys are in position to do things on the ice that others are not. They anticipate things happening when others do not. Which is what helps make them great.

Some of the best coaches EVER were marginal talented guys that were forced to think the game and from their vantage point on the bench watch the game unfold before theie eyes.

Torts is a good example of this. Marginal player, solid HC.

Al Arbour - Marginal player, great HC

Soctty Bowman - never made the NHL as a player. Great HC

AV same thing, decent HC, marginal talent.

It's very rare that a great player steps behind the bench and is even good, let alone great.

Messier, as great a player as he was, was not a player coach. He was a great player. Nothing more, nothing less.

He was a leader, which is what we need the most. NOTHING anyone has said tells anything about why he shouldn't be given a shot. Nothing.

Again, here's the argument against Messier...."Some other great players didn't work out"

You forgot Trottier btw.

But we'd rather this guy we currently see doing nothing positive here?


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