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10-24-2013, 09:22 PM
Tyler Biggs*
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What a joke this is! What happened to 'two good guys going at it'? If you have two willing combatants who want to remove their helmets then I don't see a problem. The percentage of people getting hurt while fighting is very very low. There are WAY more concussions as a result of hits, elbows and headshots from non-respectful players...which will become even more frequent if fighting is removed. And for the record, the majority of injuries from fighting is busted hands and wrists from punching the helmet, not guys falling on the ice.

Get rid of the helmet rule. The players involved obviously don't want it there, the fans don't want it there. Just let them take their helmets off if they want. Too much time has been wasted on this. Yes player safety is important but it is for reasons like this that they get paid the money they do. There is a risk and they are compensated for it. Crab fisherman, oil rig workers have the same thing, risk of injury or death so higher pay.

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