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01-19-2004, 03:11 AM
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Originally Posted by ShootOut
It's thee, my brave knights, that are incredibly lazy and vulnerable. Less than a year ago, a crusade was undertaken to teach Bruins' fans a lesson, and to establish this forum as the most valuable and remarkable of all; admittedly, the response was far from overwhelming. A great opportunity was missed, and each week, each day, each minute of inactivity brings us closer to the moment when our supremacy will be openly disputed and defied. We're kinda like the British Empire at its height, yet showing signs of an irremediable decline; endless debates about the loss of value of Marcel Hossa don't make a board strong, just as giving the masses more priviledges (an universal education system, can you believe that?) don't contribute to keep an empire viable.

We have the masterful leader, we have the brilliant generals, we have the clever, almost invincible warriors; but we have yet to gain the determination that can bring this forum to new heights. Don't ask what the forum can do for you, but what you can do for this forum. Or against the Bruins' or the Leafs' ones, which amounts to the same thing.

My brave knights, I ask thee, will we accept to bow down to the bWo because of a lack of organization?
Well said, Aragorn. I like you, but I fear you. Who are these clever warriors you refer to ? We have 1 arrow in our quiver that the bwo lacks. wit.

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