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Originally Posted by Oilersfanneedsdrink View Post
Do you think management made a mistake letting krueger go after only one season? or were there glaring problems with the system they were playing last year?

It seems this team is so imbalanced that if you bring a defensive oriented coach in, they will do an ok job keeping the puck out of the net but can't score to save their lives. They bring in a guy that seems to run a more offensive oriented approach and they can't play a game without letting in at least 3 goals a game.

What coach would do well with this team really?
MacT got seduced. Theres no other way to look at it. I was highly critical of a GM stating tht coaching wasn't the problem, giving his headcoach his blessing and that he would be back, and then ending up signing another guy. I was spitting nails that the org would do that to somebody. Its a backstab.

if you do something like that which is so without grace the other coach had better be a Scotty Bowman can't miss type. Instead the Oilers mortgaged the farm, sold credibility, and hitched everything to an entirely untried rookie.

This is not on Eakins, its not his fault, but this situation was going to be "in deep" and the Oiler hired a guy with no experience. They let go a guy that had way more experience.

Meanwhile look who they got in calgary?

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