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10-25-2013, 02:56 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsholygrail View Post
lolwut? Are you serious with this?
Now, now, settle down, no need to pull out the laughing smily so soon.

Anyways I'm definitely serious, especially considering Nolan Nawrockis recent history of attacking the character of black quarterbacks, through anonymous sources and things like "a fake smile" and then refusing to answer for it.

Then there was the criticisms of Cam not coming from a pro style offense when Sam Bradford had come from the spread and broken the completion record just the prior year, his "one good year" which was one of the best ever and an assortment of other nonsense, comparisons to Jamarcus Russell(this was after Jamarcus had blown through 30 million and became a 300 pound codeine junkie) pretty much confirmed it, especially since him and Jamarcus played nothing alike. They're both black 6'5 and wore 2, that's about it.

Edit: I apologize I should have said "racially motivated" not "racial"

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