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10-25-2013, 08:19 AM
draft the BPA
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videos of mcilrath fighting in the ahl does absolutely nothing for me.

the bar has been so lowered for dylan its really kinda sad. guys that do what he does can be found in free agency and other than the 10th pick of the entire draft.

what were hoping he becomes ( eventually) is a guy who can hold his own defensively, fight- meaning hell be in the box for 5 minutes and possibly hurt his hand or whatever being an "enforcer", and be that "crease presence" we have needed on this team for so long. all things we can certainly use.

sounds great but there are guys playing in this league right now that were drafted after him. whens this kid gonna help us out ? his timetable seems more crap shoot then development. more potential than reality.

were he on the ny rangers now, today, would he be helping us right now playing the game i just described above ?? um, no. not really. we need help scoring goals. hes was the highest player weve drafted in years and we took a slow developing, defensive dman.... ugh.

guys like him may help teams be better but they dont make teams better. hes a complimentary part not a key cog. unfortunately, he will do his best work not moving his feet or parked in front and pounding someones face. hes a very nice prospect who brings an element we need. im certain hell play eventually but will he be a difference maker ? i have my doubts.

hes just an ok skater and hes still aways away when it comes to his defensive intuitiveness. a guy like nik zadarov comes to mind as a similar player. same size, good fighter but zadorov CAN SKATE !! oh, and hes playing in the nhl now.

vlad tarasenko would have helped us MORE and RIGHT NOW. dude is a goal scorer. a creater. a sniper, finisher..... sounds nice doesnt it. we have anyone like that ?

im waiting...... ???

again, it aint who you draft, its who you draft when and where you draft em....

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